SMBGC 2020 Seedy Saturday Poster Revised

Speakers Schedule:

Seedy Saturday Vendors

Open at 11:30 Lower Hall

Yonder Hill Farm

Cochrane Family Farm

Tantallon Library Seed Library

Garlic Mountain Farm

Transition Bay St. Margaret's

Phillips Honey and Blueberry Farm 


Happy Caps Mushrooms

Seeds of Diversity

Lee Valley 

Stormcast Seaweed (Bear Cove Resources)

Earth Shine Gardens

Square Roots

Super J Gardening Services

The Fruitful Forest

St Margaret's Bay Gardening Club

Body Honour Products

Bags for the Planet

Twisted Brook Farm

Quackadoodle Farm

Taproot Farm

Annapolis Seeds

Climate Victory Gardens 

Bob Cervelli, M.Sc.

main sanctuary              12 noon to 1:30

Cannabis Homegrown 101

Av Singh, Ph.D.

main sanctuary              2:30 to 4

Monarch Butterflies

Nicole Hubley,

Tobeatic Research Centre

upper hall                       12 noon to 1:15

Sub Irrigation Planters, Container Gardening

Caitlin Doucette, M.Sc.

upper hall                       1:30 to 2:45

Seed Saving in the Vegetable Garden

Chris Sanford, M.Sc.

upper hall                        3 to 4

We will add links soon for biographical info on the speakers listed on the poster.

Demos - Lower Hall

Phillips’s Honey and Blueberry Farm -Beekeeping

Happy Caps Mushrooms -

Mushroom Cultivation 

Bear Cove Resources -

Using Seaweed in the Garden 

Super J Garden Services -

Tool Sharpening* and Vermicomposting

*note, due to space limitations we have

decided not to allow visitors to bring tools. We have a workshop in the spring.

Quackadoodle Farm -

Fail-safe veggies for our area