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Seedy Saturday March 14, 2020

Updated list for the 14th

Seedy Saturday Vendors

Open at 11:30 - Lower Hall

Speaker Schedule:

Note that Nicole Hubley's 

Monarch Butterfly session

is not available. Bee Keeping is upgraded from a Demo to a Presentation.

Atlantic Master Gardeners (info)  to be confirmed for the 14th

Annapolis Seeds
Bags for the Planet  info on this vendor will be available
 on the 14th
Body Honour Products
Cochrane Family Farm
Garlic Mountain Farm 

Happy Caps Mushrooms
Lee Valley 
Phillips Honey and Blueberry Farm 
Quackadoodle Farm
Red Barn Market
Secret Gardens by Crystal
Seeds of Diversity (info table)
Square Roots
St. Margaret's Bay Gardening Club (info table)
Stormcast Seaweed (Bear Cove Resources)
Super J Gardening Services
Tantallon Library Seed Library
Taproot Farm
Transition Bay St. Margaret's (info table)
Twisted Brook Farm
Whole Green Heart  info on this vendor will be available
 on the 14th
Yonder Hill Farm

Our first Seedy Saturday!

Climate Victory Gardens 

Bob Cervelli, M.Sc.

main sanctuary              12 noon to 1:30

Cannabis Homegrown 101

Av Singh, Ph.D.

main sanctuary              2:30 to 4

Bee Keeping

Philip's Honey and Bee Keeping

upper hall                       12 noon to 1:15

Sub Irrigation Planters, Container Gardening

Caitlin Doucette, M.Sc.

upper hall                       1:30 to 2:45

Seed Saving in the Vegetable Garden

Chris Sanford, M.Sc.

upper hall                        3 to 4

For biographical information on all SPEAKERS, go HERE

Demos - Lower Hall 

SMBGC 2020 Seedy Saturday SIGN - REVISED
SMBGC 2020 Seedy Saturday Seed Swap post

A lot of the Seedy Saturday information is on the poster below, but if you CLICK on the poster (or on the MENU above - NOTE - on MOBILE DEVICES click on the small bars at the top of the page for the menu) you will arrive at a new page, where you'll find additional info such as the names of our VENDORS and also, a list of DEMOS.

There is also a SCHEDULE of EVENTS so you can plan which SPEAKERS you want to hear. 

The bios of all the SPEAKERS are HERE

Presentations will be in main Sanctuary and Upper Hall. Starting at 12 noon.


Vendors and Demos will be in the Lower Hall. 

You can go to our SMBGC Facebook page HERE

rescheduled for March 14, 2020

Please note there are a few changes to our Vendor List, Demo List and Speaker List. Most Vendors, Speakers and Demo people are available for the 14th. Please read through everything so you see where the changes are. One Demo has become a full presentation.

Click firmly on the poster for more info on our Seedy Saturday page - note that this poster image is from the original date.

SMBGC 2020 Seedy Saturday Poster Revised
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