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Bear Cove Resources (manufacturers of storm-cast composted seaweed)


Bob Iuliucci and Betsy Hartt started Bear Cove Resources out of their own good fortune in being able to gather sea wrack for their family gardens in East Berlin, Queens County. Bob has been sheet composting sea wrack on his gardens since 1973 and Bear Cove Resources has supplied Nova Scotia gardeners with storm-cast composted seaweed since 1994.


Let’s Talk Seaweed, from gathering to gardening: Join Bear Cove Resources in a talk about the value of using seaweeds in the garden; its traditional role in building coastal gardens, some tips on collecting and handling fresh seaweed, current thoughts of soil science and seaweed. 

Sea wrack is a prized heritage fertilizer and soil amendment rich in trace minerals, growth hormones, and microbial activity. Bear Cove’s Bob and Betsy are pleased to share their experience with the many Nova Scotians who increasingly appreciate the benefits of using this great renewable natural resource.


Storm-cast is 100% sea wrack (mixed seaweeds washed ashore by winter storms) gathered from the shores of Liverpool Bay, composted, screened, and bagged. No live seaweed is harvested,and no fillers are added. Rich in trace minerals, growth hormones, and microbial activity, sea wrack is a Nova Scotia renewable natural resource, and a heritage fertilizer and soil amendment.


Product available for sale:

We will have product available for sale -cash, debit, e-transfer and credit. If members of your group would like to pre-order, we will also have orders ready.                                                                                                     

                         Phone (902) 354-3687   Mobile: (902) 471-1725        

Andrew Lowe Andrew started his career at Lee Valley in Vancouver about 30 years ago and the management team were great teachers. Seed starting, mushroom foraging and pruning were second nature. His parents had a 100year old hobby farm complete with Apple Orchard and fields of Raspberries, so he found lots to do. Ten years ago, he was living with 8 people who produced tonnes of food waste and I was paying big bucks for second rate fertilizer. Worms were my solution. After some testing and fruitfly mitigation, worm production increased and I started to sell worms and castings. My son Josh and I moved to Fairview and created SuperJ Garden Services. 

Bob Cervelli  our presenter has enjoyed gardening and food production for decades, and currently manages a mini-farm at his home. He has over 40 years experience in plant propagation, horticulture and fruit crop production. Bob is the host and co-producer of the Transition Garden ( film and TV episode series, which is dedicated to the inspiration and how-to’s of local food production and gardening, during times of a changing and fragile world. He is also is a co-founder and Chair of Transition Bay St Margarets (, one of the first Transition Initiatives in the Maritimes.

Climate Victory Gardens

Victory Gardens harken back to World War I and World War II, as a way to support the war effort through home gardening. This presentation and workshop will discuss a modern day version – Climate Victory Gardens. We will look at the fragility of today’s big-business, long-distance, just-in-time modern food supply system and how it affects our region. We will discuss the exposure we may have in the future from food shortages and higher prices, as we enter an era of increased global food insecurity. Solutions will be discussed, including the incredible capacity to grow significant amounts of our food supply on little land and with only a modest labour input. Discussion will include how to begin or expand your ‘micro-farm’, what to grow that’s easiest and most nutritious, and ways to increase your larder and food stores.


Chris Sanford M.Sc.  Yonder Hill Farm   

Seed to Seed: A Growing Season at Yonder Hill Farm

Description: See what goes into the production of regionally adapted seeds, from springtime seed starting to to wintertime seed processing.  Also learn the basics of how to get started with saving your own seeds!


Chris Sanford and her partner, Garrett Lauten, produce 200 varieties of vegetables, herbs, grains & flowers at their small diversified farm in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia.  They have been farming & gardening ecologically for 20 years, and producing seeds commercially since 2009.  You can find their seeds & more at and follow them on Facebook & Instagram @yonderhillfarm.

Clarence Stevens  

Living in Harmony with Nature - an Interactive Presentation

Clarence is an expert in gardening with native species from showy wildflowers to the soothing greens of ferns & mosses.  From tiny mushrooms to towering trees.  With his knowledge of native plants he helps people explore a wide array of flavors to delight the palate & discover a pharmacopeia of wild medicals.  And now, he has made native species are more accessible than ever before.  

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