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Seedy Saturday 2024

A message of thanks from our Seedy Saturday Team Leader, Claudy Levy -


“I want to say a big thank you to the SMBGC Seedy Saturday Committee for their vision, commitment and exceptional planning skills that allowed us to bring this important event to community once again. We had over 400 visitors and packed presentations for our seven speakers. Our vendors and community organizations were busy all day!


A big thank you to the SMBGC volunteers who sign up, show up and make a difference on the day of the event. Without this volunteer commitment, we would not be able to host an event of this magnitude. Every job is important and ensures all the small cogs make the big wheels of success possible.


To our wonderful community – thank you!

- first of all to the public who attended this event and gave it such a positive vibe and great reviews!

- to our sponsors (Kynock Resources, Redmond’s Home Hardware, Canadian Tire and Full Bloom Gardening)

- and to our long-time supporter – Bay Treasure Chest

- thanks to our advertisers (Councillor Pam Lovelace and Danielle Barkhouse, MLA) for taking part and coming by to enjoy the vibe!

- we thank our local organizations, Transition Bay – St. Margarets and Tantallon Public Library your support is so appreciated

- of course to our speakers and vendors, you made the day!

- and thank you so much, last but not least, our host/venue St.Luke’s United Church, and their wonderful team of people. St. Luke’s is a true community hub.


We’ve received a lot of positive public feedback from the many people involved and attendees of the event. We gained 27 new members for the SMBGC and we look forward to seeing them at meetings and events.


In a world that is chaotic we are making a positive impact on our community."


‘The SMBGC is a difference maker’


Claudy Levy, Seedy Saturday Team Leader

for the St. Margaret’s Bay Gardening Club Executive 2023-24

March 23rd, 2024
10 am - 4 pm at St. Luke's United Church
5374 St. Margaret's Bay Road, Upper Tantallon

You will be able to access the whole event from the lower or upper level doors and walk through (via stairs). Each level is fully accessible, but there is no elevator in between. 

Our Seedy Saturday Speakers and Vendors are listed below!

First sessions are from 10:30 to 11:45 in two spaces -


Sanctuary - Jenni Blackmore, Author of Permaculture for the Rest of Us (Recommendation from Mother Earth News Books for Wiser Living) Quackadoodle Farms

"Anticipate and Prepare"  

Ten Strategies to Promote Resilience and Productivity in our Gardens, Despite the Extreme Challenges of our Rapidly Changing World.”

Changing how we garden to adapt to climate change, political uncertainty, supply chain shortages, weather extremes and food insecurities. Jenni will look at ways to increase food self sufficiency, plan for new growing strategies and methods, share the harvest and preserve resources.

Upper Hall - Clarence Stevens, Naturalist

"Meet a Mushroom Enthusiast"

Nova Scotia is one of the top places in the world for enjoying mushrooms. We are home to thousands of mushroom species including hundreds of edibles that offer an amazing array of flavors. Clarence’s presentation will help you discover the most desirable wild species amongst mushroom enthusiasts and learn how to most easily grow edible mushrooms in your very own garden."

Lunch break 11:45 to 12:30


Second sessions are from 12:30 to 1:45 in two spaces

Sanctuary - Elizabeth Peirce, award winning gardening author.

“Grow More High Value Vegetables in Containers, and Save on Grocery Bills this Season”

Want to grow more food, but low on garden space? Container gardening is your answer. Find out what vegetables grow well in containers and learn a recipe for making your own nutritious potting soil. Elizabeth will share tips and tricks for repurposing common household items into planters for all your growing adventures.


Upper Hall; Betsy Hartt, Bear Cove Resources, Storm-Cast Seaweed

“Gardening with Seaweed, Past, Present and Future”

From olden days until now, seaweed has been gathered and used all over the world. Learn how it grows, and how to use it to enrich your soil. Expect Betsy Hartt will look at all aspects of gardening with seaweed and discuss the future of farming as part of a low impact agriculture program.


Third sessions are from 2:00 to 3:30 in two spaces


Sanctuary - Bob Cervelli, Transition Bay St Margaret’s

“Lessons Learned from 10 Years of Running a Cooperative Food Garden in St. Margaret’s Bay.”

Cooperative gardening is a powerful way to bring people together to learn from each other and share the harvest as the season progresses. It allows people to cooperatively manage a single large garden with equitable shares of the food grown, rather than managing the traditional small plots that are assigned in community garden models.

AND also in the Sanctuary, follow Bob's presentation, 

Karen Llewellyn; SMBGC Member, and Chicken Whisperer

“Raising Backyard Chickens for Fun and Food”

Eggs, meat and compost, just a few good reasons to look at raising chickens. Karen will cover the basics for keeping your backyard flock happy, healthy and safe.

Upper Hall - Chris Sanford - Yonder Hill Farm

“Herbs, Often Overlooked, Yet an Essential Part of Any Garden”

Herbs are well suited to containers, typically pest free and easy to grow. Culinary and medicinal herbs flavour our meals and provide us with many health benefits. Plan to grow and use a wide variety of these wonderful aromatic garden gems!

Visit these vendors & community groups in the Lower Hall.

Earthy Erin's
Hope Seeds
Revival Seeds
Bear Cove Resources (Stormcast Seaweed)
Super J Gardening Services
Yonder Hill Farm
Annapolis Seeds
BlackBird Hollow
QuackaDoodle Farm
Dan Grows Microgreens
Storm Plant Food
Transition Bay St. Margarets
St Margarets Bay Gardening Club
Tantallon Public Library

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