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St. Margarets Bay Gardening Club

Gardeners Helping Gardeners

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We meet on the 3rd Wednesday each month, at 7:00 Sept - Nov/Jan - May

in the meeting room at the Tantallon Library. Guests are always welcome to attend our meetings!

Policy on Plant Orders

Who Can Order:

Only SMBGC members can participate in a plant order organized by the club; however, members are welcome to order for other people as long as their orders are incorporated within the member’s order form.

Plant Pick-up:

When possible, a pick-up point for the perennial order will be arranged in the crossroads area. The date for pick-up will be announced as soon as the date of plant delivery is confirmed by the supplier.

Members are responsible for arranging to pick up their plants during the designated pick-up time or notifying one of the SMBGC Plant Order Committee members, prior to the designated date, if that is not possible. Arrangements will be made to store the order for no longer than 3 days at a private home. Members are responsible for arranging to pick up their stored plants. After 3 days, stored plants will be disposed of or sold by the SMBGC.

Plant Failures:

The St. Margaret’s Bay Gardening Club (SMBGC) attempts to seek out interesting, hardy and high quality garden products for access by members. Our members report many successes and occasional failures. Based on numerous factors such as hardiness zone variations, soil conditions, gardener error, nursery issues, etc. some plants may fail to thrive for some or all members. The club will report significant failures to suppliers and assess the situation. We will also provide planting and care instructions, however we cannot guarantee remuneration for failed plants.

We want to know about problems you experience with plant material ordered through the SMBGC each year. If you feel a plant has failed to thrive as a result of the quality of the delivered plant, please contact one of the SMBGC Plant Order Committee members with the following information: name of member, name of plant, date planted, date failure noted.

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