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St. Margarets Bay Gardening Club

Gardeners Helping Gardeners

We meet on the 3rd Wednesday each month, at 7:00 Sept - Nov/Jan - May

in the meeting room at the Tantallon Library. Please note, this is a new time and a new venue! Guests are always welcome to attend our meetings!

Resources for gardeners

This is an eclectic list of plant suppliers, listed regionally which members may find useful when planning a plant search outing! The list is confined to areas which can be reached in a day's outing , therefore does not include suppliers in the far reaches of our province. The list focuses on family-owned businesses each of which was recommended. The list is in no way complete and if you have other recommendations, they could be added to the list. Every effort was made to contact the supplier directly to ensure correct information. In other cases individual websites or google searches were relied upon for information. Please note we cannot assume responsibility for plant viability or misinformation. Complete driving directions to specific sites are usually included in individual websites. It is highly recommended you check those websites for updated information. Some businesses offer discounts to garden club members. If you dont see it mentioned in these listings, you could always ask.

We are currently doing some "landscape design" on the nursery lists,

so please be patient while we re-create them! because they are being cut and pasted, there

may be some confusing bits!

Garden Nurseries

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