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Our speaker this month will be ROSLYN DUFFUS

who will be telling us all about ROCK GARDENS


Roslyn started her gardening career as a teenager with vegetable gardening and, after a move that reduced the space for vegetables, became interested in rock gardening and an enthusiast of rock and alpine plants. She enjoys growing things from seed, especially things that are hard to find in nurseries.

She'll be talking about many interpretations of rock gardens from nature's version to large botanical  rock gardens to private versions and  follow with a selection of plants from easy to more challenging.

She became a member of the Ontario Rock Garden Society in late 1991 and was able to take advantage of the club seed exchange. She is also a member of the North American Rock Garden Society and a Charter Member and currently Chair of the Nova Scotia Rock Garden Club.

Roslyn is also a woodworker and plays the bagpipes!

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