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Celebrating Spring!
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Hello, fellow gardeners! (or gardeners to be!) Spring is here, Join us on May 18th at St. Luke's United Church, 5374 St. Margaret's Bay Rd. Upper Tantallon, at 7 pm. Please note - Guests are always welcome to attend our meetings and we now ask for a $5.00 entrance fee OR just join at ANY MEETING for just $15.00 (between September and May (this year we're offering a June meeting also) and you will be able to attend all meetings and will be added to our mailing list!

Paul Manning, BSc, PhD

Join us in person (social distancing is easy in this big space, and masks are required)...

Paul Manning will present "live" via ZOOM on the very timely topic of BUGS - Good and Bad

He will speak to the distinction between good bugs and bad bugs, provide an overview of general trends in insect biodiversity and explain what is and isn't an insect. Finally, he will delve into the life cycles of some interesting insects that regularly turn up in gardens across the region.

Paul Manning is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Agriculture at Dalhousie University. He holds a BSc. in Agriculture, and a PhD in Zoology specializing in insect ecology. Paul's research is focused on understanding on the importance of insect biodiversity to the health of agricultural ecosystems.

We will see you then! Visitors are welcome for a small fee ($5.00).

After some serious consideration at the last Executive Meeting, it was decided that applying the $5.00 to a future membership was becoming very difficult to administer. The recent memberships under this system will of course be honoured!

Our yearly fee is currently only $15.00 - a very good investment for what we offer as a club!

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