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St. Margaret's Bay Gardening Club

Gardeners Helping Gardeners


Happy New Year, fellow gardeners! (or gardeners to be!)


Since we can’t meet this month, for obvious reasons, your Executive has decided to change things up and ask you to get creative!


We are having a little contest, with a deadline of February 14th, 2022. Write about 100 words on ONE of these three gardening themes - there will be a small prize in each category. (If you really wish to submit to all three categories, that is fine, but only one prize per person.)


If you wish, you can submit ONE photo to go with your written material.


1 - “Something interesting that happened in my garden was…”



2 - “Gardening means a lot to me because…”



3 - “In the spring/summer of 2022, I’m going to…”

You must be a paid up member to take part! You can mail your $15.00 cheque ($20 for families) to:

St. Margaret's Bay Gardening Club

Attn: Secretary/Treasurer

Rosie MacLean

406 Goldeneye Drive, Timberlea, NS B3T 0E6


OR you can e-transfer to smbgardeningclub@gmail.com  


Your payment must be received by February 14th, the contest deadline.