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Celebrating Spring!
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Hello, fellow gardeners! (or gardeners to be!) Spring is here, Join us on June 22nd , 7:00 pm at St. Luke's United Church, 5374 St. Margaret's Bay Rd. Upper Tantallon, at 7 pm. Please note - Guests are always welcome to attend our meetings and we now ask for a $5.00 entrance fee OR just join at ANY MEETING for just $15.00 (between September and May (this year we're offering a June meeting also) and you will be able to attend all meetings and will be added to our mailing list!

Clarence Stevens presents -

Native Trees & Shrubs for the Garden


We have over 100 native species of trees and shrubs. They represent a diverse collection of species perfectly adapted for our climate and well suited for any type of garden. They range from tiny foot high species to towering giants. They include species that are happy to grow in the shade, and species for any soil types. Species that cloth themselves in stunning flowers and species that provide a wide range of berries. Species that stay green year round and non evergreen species that carry eye catching features into the winter months.


Clarence Stevens is a book author, a columnist for 21 years and as a freelance writer he continues to write articles for magazines, newsletters & web pages. He has appeared on TV and Radio hundreds of times and does public presentations on a weekly basis.  In his spare time he enjoys tutoring school children. 

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